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Lindsey's topic has universal appeal. It is part of the human experience to face disruption. These challenges occur in our workplace and at home. The skills needed to flip these hurdles into opportunities are relevant messages to us all. Plus, Lindsey tailors her presentation to each audience, making each presentation a one of a kind experience.

The feedback on Lindsey consistently cites how she has a real voice that breaks through and instantly captivates audiences. She uses pictures and anecdotes from her recovery to make the lessons engaging and real. Plus, each presentation is punctuated with humor to lighten the heavy subjects and bring some levity to the audience. If you laugh, cry and learn, it's a success.

Lindsey relates to audiences on many levels. She's faced an extreme disruption herself and found her strength through hardship. She's had over sixteen years of experience in the corporate world and understands the challenges leaders face. Plus, she's a mom, daughter, wife, friend, sister, small-town-girl that can instantly relate on a personal level.

One is not as powerful without the other. Inspiring hearts makes people want to change. Inspiring minds helps people understand how to change. Lindsey will bring the audience on an emotional journey which appeals to the heart in all of us. She brings it home with practical approaches and evidence of the power of applying the lessons.


The lessons in Lindsey's comeback story leaves audience members with immediate ideas how to tackle their biggest challenges, no matter how big or how small. Lindsey loves hearing feedback after one of her presentations on how people have a new vantage point on how they are going to approach the challenge that's been facing them.