making remarkable events a standard.

our culture
we are committed to our work, our people, our clients. we are committed to making your event a success and we strive to better ourselves, our relationships and our business every day. we also pay attention to the trends in our industry and have dedicated ourselves to staying on the cutting-edge.

we believe in the speakers we represent, and we think our passion radiates every day. we can't help it. we love what we do. we love what our speakers do and want to help share their stories with the world. that just scratches the surface.

this is a no-brainer. we work with a very select group of world-class motivational and inspiring speakers who have powerful messages. we are inspired every day by our speakers, clients and partners. our inspiration is why we are where we are today.

think of us as a wishbone, intertwined with a four-leaf-clover, embedded on a horseshoe attached to a winning lotto ticket. that is how we feel every day, and we have a LOT of gratitude.

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