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michael hoffman | THE HOFFINGTON POST
Michael Hoffman | Situational Influence | Become a person of situational influence by telling stories
Michael teaches audiences how to be a "person of situational influence.” He will address issues that your organization may be struggling with. He will provide tools & processes that will allow a better culture to be created internally, enhancing skill-sets, and giving each individual the knowledge to be a person of influence. This will allow companies to shine externally as well - delivering a better service, product or experience. This allows everyone: your employees, your leaders, and your organization to become #1 on purpose!
Michael ignites his trademark "Tornado" kickoff presentation to energize and give focus to a group of over 1500 appreciative professionals!
michael hoffman | the tornado of business
michael hoffman | customer service | leadership | sales
Michael ignites his audience - approaching everything on purpose. Create an attitude on purpose. Impact people on purpose. Become #1 on purpose.
michael hoffman | sales | concurrence questions
Michael shares an important sales skill with a corporation from his customized Sales Secrets Training.
Michael gives some [customized] sales car tips and advice to a long-term client, AFLAC
Knocked down? Rejected? Heard another NO? It's part of the game. The secret to ANY successful sales person is their ability to do one thing...Let it GO!
michael hoffman | sales | been rejected?
michael hoffman | 20-minute summarized showcase
Michael delivers a summarized version of his "Tornado of Business" keynote at a speakers showcase (with an audience of meeting planners and other professional speakers showcasing their work). Michael showcased in 2007, so this video is older, but Michael's humor and delivery is still current. Michael shares stories, while delivering actionable steps on how to increase sales, become a better leader, create first-class customer service - all while on purpose. If you are looking for a keynote that is high-content, but entertaining, Michael Hoffman is your guy!  
customized industry programs:
michael hoffman | personal needs of an interaction
In every interaction there are two needs that need to be met; personal & practical. This video covers the leadership skill-sets that help you meet the personal needs of an interaction. [Video from a Top Leadership Conference at Bank of Montreal (BMO) - October 2011)
michael hoffman | paralanguage! your face is screaming!
The tornado is a physical thing and can impact your communication greatly. At a leadership conference Michael Hoffman demonstrates that 92% of all our communication is screaming without saying a word. ​​[Video from a Leadership Conference at Wells Fargo - February 2011)