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Just a few client testimonials from women's groups:
“Marilyn Sherman has presented at the annual WFF Leadership Development Conference for more than 8 years. Her high-energy, motivational programs are packed to “standing–room-only” crowds. Marilyn’s programs are among the highest-rated by our attendees, and we are continuously fielding requests for Marilyn’s return year after year. I would strongly recommend Marilyn to any foodservice organization that wants to challenge their employees to “break out of their comfort zones and lead from the front row!!"
- Director of Professional Development Women’s Foodservice Forum

"Without a doubt, Marilyn Sherman is one of the most delightful speakers I've ever booked for an event. Her genuine warmth and wonderful sense of humor light up a room. Our Administrative Professionals Day audience connected with her instantly. Her keynote presentation offered practical and relevant advice. And our own event team adored working with her. She's every bit as funny and engaging off stage as she is on. The post-event evaluations raved about Marilyn and how she 'resonated' with them. Wish I could have Marilyn at every event!"
- Director of Marketing & Event Management, Johnson County Community College

"We had Marilyn Sherman as our speaker for an all women’s event and she was AMAZING! We had nothing but great comments from the ladies. She was very energetic, easy to work with and lots of fun! She also left personal notes and one of her books for each of the sales staff, which was very much appreciated. We would recommend her to anyone!"
- Sales & Marketing Director, Cedar Shores Resort, Ladies Great Escape 2013 Event​​

​​"As a photographer, I have limited time to sit down and listen -- but I picked up a lots of bits and pieces through out the conference of this awe-inspiring, motivating, captivating and high-caffeine-energetic presentations of Marilyn Sherman. Positive thinking, go-girl attitude are few of those motivating factors to lift up the curtains of sluggish-n-monotonous comfort zones. Why in the world do we get stuck in the same routines? Do you know why? Because it is our warm-and-fuzzy-comfort zone. Explore what's out there, see what is out there to offer? If it offers a 360 lifetime positive thinking pass - why won't we give it a shot? One, two, three shots? I would do it for more shots if necessary! It could possibly be your new comfort zone and, mine as well. Isn't that nice to live in the world surrounded with positive-thinkers? Map out your goals and for sure Marilyn Sherman is the most highlighted route you could mapquest into."
- Women's Management Conference, Green Bay
Marilyn LOVES to inspire women!
Marilyn Sherman is a keynote speaker who encourages women to increase their productivity, reduce conflict, and improve overall results, by helping them get out of their comfort zones, overcome obstacles, and get a front-row seat in life! Marilyn's content is perfect for both personal and/or professional growth. She is very relatable to women’s groups and delivers her message with stories and humor. She provides immediate action steps that can be used immediately to start reaching goals. Her presentations result in happier people that become more productive in their workplace and home environment. Marilyn has helped thousands of women throughout her speaking career - and her passion is contagious!
​​"I am sure you hear this all the time, but ​I honestly enjoyed our day with you so ​much. I have been a manager in ​banking for nearly 20 years, and have ​been to zillions of these types of events. ​I have heard good speakers and bad ​speakers and lots of in between ​speakers. But I don’t think I have ever ​enjoyed a presentation as much as I ​enjoyed yours — not even lying! So thank you!"​
- 2012 Women's Management Conference
customized industry programs:
Why Settle for the Balcony? How to get a Front-Row Seat in Life
*60-75 minute delivery; customized to specific needs of your group
DESCRIPTION: Life is short – live it in the front-row! This dynamic keynote inspires women to get out of the balcony of their life, and go for that front-row seat! With so many things out of control these days, attendees will be reminded that their attitude and perception are 100% within their control. With the right mindset, any seat can be a front-row seat! Marilyn inspires women by showing them the difference between living and working in the balcony and general admission, She will inspire you to choose to live in the front-row -- because that's where successful women live! During the session, Marilyn teaches women to have a vision, be of service, be gutsy, appreciate what they have and become empowered to do more. After Marilyn's presentation, women will be ready to get out of the balcony, where they had once complained how bad the seats were, and move to the front-row with all the necessary tools to make immediate changes for positive results. Everyone deserves a front-row seat in their life and this program helps people get there. Leaders also learn how to usher others to the front-row of their lives for better results.

​[As an additional training tool, Marilyn has a motivational book of the same title that would make a great attendee gift!]

Whose Comfort Zone Are You In?
*60-75 minute delivery; customized to specific needs of your group
DESCRIPTION: This keynote inspires women to recognize their vision, set goals, overcome obstacles, and have a winning attitude. Sometimes, people live in a comfort zone and don’t even realize it. Others are influenced by negative people and do things for the wrong reasons. In this keynote, Marilyn helps women take charge of their career and their life by stretching themselves out of their comfort zone, encouraging them to achieve more than they thought possible! With lots of stories of other women who have overcome obstacles, the audience will be empowered to do more with what they have. The benefit to your audience is when they leave, they will feel empowered to do more than they've done in the past and will yield higher results for your organization.

​​[As an additional training tool, Marilyn has a motivational book of the same title that would also make a great attendee gift!]

Participants will be able to:
1. Increase productivity, reduce conflict and improve results by helping people get out of their comfort zone, overcome obstacles and get a front-row seat in life!
2. Become more productive and use new techniques to manage change.
3. Shift to a more positive ‘no more excuses’ mindset! This may lead to reducing stress, minimizing conflict, perfecting communication, increasing sales and productivity, and plans to attaining goals - professional and personally.

Communicating for Results: From Conflict to Cooperation
​*60-90 minute delivery; customized to specific needs of your group
DESCRIPTION: This is a content-filled program providing tools to anyone who doesn't like conflict or confrontation. Let’s face it; no one really likes conflict, which is why so many people avoid it. Or, they act inappropriately because they don’t have the tools to navigate conflict. This program teaches women to communicate better to reduce conflict; and how to handle uncomfortable conversations with grace and respect. Marilyn offers proven communication techniques that can be easily adapted to your work environment. With examples and practice, you will learn the value of being assertive, and not aggressive or passive-aggressive. This is a great workshop for organizations who wants to reduce conflict, increase communication, or create a better foundation for your company culture. Marilyn will provide communication tools that can be immediately applied at work (and at home) to create or increase harmonious relationships. The tools provided work ESPECIALLY well when dealing with difficult people!

[This session can be added as a second program for the same client. Marilyn can open a conference with one of her motivational keynotes, then present this workshop later in the conference. This program is Marilyn's most content-heavy, but is delivered with humor and encourages audience engagement. There is an interactive piece at the end that will get everyone laughing and learning about how they can sometimes add to potential conflict situations unnecessarily!]

Taking Charge of Your Career | 10 Strategies for Professional Success
*75-90 minute delivery; customized to specific organization; top leaders interviewed prior to program
DESCRIPTION: This program was designed to inspire women to be more accountable for their success and job opportunities. Too often, talented women wait for new roles and responsibilities that never appear. You will learn how to ask for what you want, and be more assertive in your career path.

This program was built using examples of how other women have moved up their company ladder and creating a more rewarding career. After attending, you will leave with clearer strategies on how you can have more personal and professional success.

Below are topics covered in the session:
1. Appreciate where you are right now. 
2. Find - Discover - [or] Create Your Passion.
3. Be willing to do what your competition is not.
4. Don’t be afraid to dream... and dream BIG!
5. Avoid the traps.
6. Create opportunities for yourself - don’t wait for them to appear.
7. Build your bench! Coach – Mentor - Mentee
8. Get the job description of the job that you want.
9. Get clear on WHO needs to know what you want.
10. Be 100% engaged.