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Harnessing The Power of Disruption:
How To Turn Your Biggest Challenges Into Your Greatest Opportunities

Lindsey Roy takes audiences on an incredible journey through some of life's most defining moments by sharing her own story of disruption. In her program, she shares the lessons learned from her unique personal experiences as well as her experience as a corporate leader to help people navigate their own challenges at work and in life.

key takeaways:
*The Power of Perspective
Learn how changing your perspective can actually change your reality.

*Problem Solving at a Whole New Level
Learn how solving problems as if your life depended on the outcome changes how you deal with challenge.

*Relentless Resourcefulness
Learn why your ability to be "relentlessly resourceful" is today's secret weapon ​both at work and at home.

*Disruptive Vision

Learn why your success depends on your ability to see the clarity through the chaos.

*Creating Belief

Learn how finding a way to believe in yourself or gain buy-in from your team are critical to your ability to overcome disruption.


Lindsey's story can be delivered as:

general keynote
Lindsey's core story - perfect for any audience

leadership keynote

Leading through disruption - a corporate approach

innovation keynote
​Using disruption to innovate - finding the hidden advantage to transform, create & grow



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"Live the life you imagined... even if the details are a bit different." - Lindsey Roy