making remarkable events astandard.

setting up for dr. gary bradt's presentations

A/V preferences:
  • Wireless clip-on microphone
  • Projector and screen – [Gary will bring his own laptop]
  • Two banquet chairs on stage [used as props]; pen and paper for audience; plenty of water​
NOTE: If a writing exercise is included as part of his presentation, participants should bring a pen and paper.

Dr. Gary Bradt's Biography: webpage

Dr. Gary Bradt's Introduction: download here

The message of Adapt and Ignite! can be tailored to address:

  • Leadership at any level
  • Sales organizations
  • Organizational change
  • Industry consolidation
  • Organizations in transition
  • Technology-driven change
  • Regulatory change
  • Industry-driven change
  • Internal Reorganization
  • Market-driven change
  • Personal change
  • Increasing personal performance
  • Empowering the team
  • Individual and group accountability
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