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gary's topics:
- change
- leadership
- management
"The session was simply remarkable and we have heard nothing but positive remarks. There is no question that you struck an emotional chord with this audience and I completely believe that your presentation gave them the energy to get enthused for this next journey…. I noted participants answered the question As a result of my participation, I have a greater understanding of my role in providing strong leadership through the transition in the exact same proportions as they responded to your presentation…. From my perspective, that in itself makes it a home run."
– Aetna

"Gary did an outstanding job. A ten on a scale of ten. He met with the VP of Operations and Human Resources prior to the meeting to understand the issues. He and I exchanged e-mails prior to the conference and then he met with me for breakfast the morning of the meeting to go over last minutes details and to gather additional information about the audience/issues. He incorporated his previous role…(in the fi to connect with the audience. He was able to engage an audience that was tired from a long evening the night before and had their minds set on going home when he was finished (not an easy task). He was a hit."
– Guardian Life Insurance Company

“Gary Bradt recently spoke to our construction supervisors, and he was fantastic. I had been very methodological in selecting the right keynote speaker for this event, and I chose Gary based on his content, his message and ultimately reading his book. So I expected Gary to be a really good speaker with a message that would fit really well with our guys. But what I didn't expect is that Gary would just knock our socks off! He was very dynamic, and the way he connected with our supervisors was incredible...Gary really did his homework before our conference. He took the time to really get to know our company, the projects we are working on, and our supervisors' roles within the company and on those projects. Some speakers will weave your company's name into their speech and others will act like they know everything about you. What I appreciated about Gary is that even after all his research, he never pretended to be "one of us." He just knew us. And he used that knowledge to customize his content and to make his message meaningful to us. I am, without a doubt, 100% satisfied with the decision to have Gary Bradt speak at our event, and I would recommend him to anyone, anytime.”

--Clark Construction Group

“I was impressed with the amount of time that Gary spent preparing for the presentation, researching Xerox facts, partner related topics, and industry factoids, to make certain that his session was relevant AND memorable. He was timely. He was interested in getting to know the audience. He was genuinely motivated to capture the attention of each and every attendee in the room.”

-Xerox Corporation, Annmarie Link, Graphic Communication Business Group, Worldwide Manager (March 2013)

“… you hear one motivational speaker, and you’ve heard them all; however, not with this guy. He had a way of relating real life examples. I have learned lessons that will make a difference in my business. He was good!!!”
“… we’ve never had a speaker like this at this conference. A good idea to give us some thoughts to chew on while hearing of the many changes taking place within Xerox. I need to challenge our business and he gave me tools to do so.”
“I enjoyed all of what he shared. The 2 min. value drill meant the most to me. Deep thoughts! I think that it also showed all your partners that you care about them as people. You have redefined and raised the bar for customer service at this conference.”

--Attendees, Xerox Global Partner Conference, representing Xerox partners from across the globe (March 2013)

"I have actually used Gary to work with my teams 3 times…. I have never met anyone that wasn't touched by Gary's message and his approach. I actually sent his book to everyone in my family…. I really can't imagine a group that deals with real life issues daily, that is under tremendous stress and that wants to do a better job wouldn't love Gary's message and his delivery."
– Harland Clarke

"Gary was one of the best speakers I've heard or contracted in my 18 years with NCL. He was outstanding and resonated fully with the audience. We would absolutely like to utilize Gary's talent at other upcoming meetings."

– Norwegian Cruise Lines

"The feedback on your presentation was universally positive. The team really appreciated your approach to recognizing the stress that change can bring in both our professional and personal lives. After having some time to reflect on the messages (Ring Tool Kit) you gave us, I wanted to circle back and say thanks again. Your comments hit home in one way or another with almost every member of the team."

"Thank you for joining our all hands meeting. We heard so many positive comments about your talk and have also heard several references to 'clearing the rubble and finding the ring' as people jumped back into their day to day work. You were very inspirational and definitely provided us all with actions to take back to our jobs and home. Thanks again!"
– Fidelity Investments

"Thank you for the absolutely fabulous presentation you did last week. It was more than a home run. I guess the bases were loaded and you hit a home run. They just haven't stopped talking about the quality of the presentation and the impact of the presentation. Our goal of arming the organization with some practical doable things at the end of the presentation was clearly, clearly well met."
– Bristol-Myers Squibb

"I would like to personally thank you for taking the time and effort to be a part of our National Sales Meeting last week in Montreal. The feedback to your presentation on Monday evening has been everything from 'Fantastic', 'Awesome', 'Wow', 'Very thought provoking', etc."
– GlaxoSmithKline Canada

"In short, he was great -- perfect for our theme of Change and Opportunity... And, for what it's worth, very approachable and someone who seems like a very good guy. I would strongly recommend him."
– AstraZeneca Canada

"It's rare that you can take home more than one good point from a one day course, with yours there were too numerous to name. Thank you for a very enjoyable and fulfilling day."
– Annie Penn Memorial Hospital

"He was an incredible speaker. What I really liked was the actual tools he gave us to use. All too often speakers tell you to do something but not how to do it. It wasn't just an abstract lecture, but a fun, inspirational, how-to event. Really enjoyed it."
– Medical Group Management Association

"The group LOVED you and your message. Personally, I learned so much from you that I applied immediately in both my professional and personal life. Thank you for helping us create such a memorable program."
– Actelion Pharmaceuticals

"Thanks again for an amazing event in Orlando. Everyone enjoyed the day. So much so that we would like to give everyone a signed copy of your book. The Ring in the Rubble: Dig Through Change and Find Your Next Golden Opportunity We would like a total of 100 copies."
– Merial

“Thanks again for an incredible presentation - I cannot begin to tell you the positive impact you made for our attendees - every day we receive more and more comments about how your message really uplifted them and encouraged them during a time of strain and stress. My favorite comment so far, although very simple has been: A key takeaway from Gary Bradt's presentation is that it will make me a better person. LOVE THAT!”
--American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences, Director of Professional Development & Market Research

"This year's conference was the highlight of my PMI career to date, and it was due in very large part to your professional, inspiring and thought-provoking keynotes – our leaders responded exactly as we had hoped would be the case. You were without doubt the finest keynote speaker I have ever had the privilege to work with, and I hope very much that we have future opportunities to work together."
– Project Management Institute

"You as a speaker today met your goals -- you told us jokes to make us laugh - we did; you told us stories to inspire us - they did; you gave us tools to face the rubble and find the ring - life application will prove that true. Of the last, I am certain."
– Nebraska Leadership Conference

"Dr. Bradt is an excellent presenter, and his metaphor of the ring in the rubble opened my eyes to situations, present and past. I have used it almost daily with life situations and it has provided me a greater understanding of why things happen as they do, and the purpose behind them. His book is fabulous too."
– Alberta Canada Provincial Government

"A ten on a scale of ten. Gary's presentation had relevant topics that captured the attention of our audience. Very positive response overall from our attendees, and our CEO was exceptionally pleased with the level of professionalism and forethought placed on the session's contents."
– Marine Corps Community Services

"Excellent. Way beyond my expectations. I wish you could have heard the feedback I was getting. Life change took place today."
– Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware

Pete Monge, President | Montgomery General
Tim Morawetz, Principal | Glue Inc. - GREAT TIP FOR meeting planners & production companies
Fred Abbey, Partner | Ernst & Young Intnl. (ret.)