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setting up for don yaeger's presentations

Additional benefits for booking Don:
-  Receive a discounted rate on autographed books or include a book signing at your event
-  If your venue charges for the use of a projector, Don can bring his own with 2000 lumens brightness.

-  Value Proposition: The inspiration doesn’t stop when Don leaves the building. Audience members can choose to receive a monthly newsletter from Don in which he’ll share a short, inspirational story reflecting another one of the Characteristics of Greatness. Following the story, he offers tangible tips that everyone can use to apply each winning characteristic to their life – inspiring them to achieve a higher level of professional and personal success

A/V preferences:

  • Wireless Lavaliere Microphone
  • Projector and Screen suitable for PowerPoint
  • VGA connection to the projector for my laptop or a laptop provided with USB capabilities
  • Audio output from the laptop (Don has several videos in his presentation)
Don Yaeger's Biography: webpage

Don Yaeger's Introduction Details [WORD DOC]: download here

Don Yaeger's Pre-Program Questionnaire: download here​​

Don's 16 Characteristics of Greatness: visit webpage here​​

Don's ​​Photos | high-resolution: [click on thumbnail below to download]

Don Yaeger's Pre-Speech Introduction: