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diana kander's topics:​

 - innovation
 - achievement
 - business growth/strategy
 - leadership
 - peak performance
 - entrepreneurship​
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Keynote Speaker, Diana Kander, coaches organizations to think more entrepreneurially, understand their customers on a deeper level and create a culture of innovation. ​​​Diana regularly speaks at corporate events, academic institutions and conferences of all sizes. She has spoken to intimate groups of 20 to as many as 3,000 with very diverse audiences.

Diana Also offers Coaching Services:
- Executive or Team Coaching - working with your team to generate and test ideas
- Group Training - teaching employees at all levels how to develop an innovation/entrepreneurial mindset
- Consulting - helping your organization address specific innovation challenges

​​If you are interested in having Diana Kander as your speaker, please fill out the inquiry form or contact Sarah at: 913.498.9775 |
Diana provides practical tools & shares insight on how implementing innovation into your organization's culture is a must in order to succeed and grow in today's market.

Each program listed Diana delivers is customized to meet the goals and objectives for each Client. Each of the programs listed below can be extended or combined into a workshop, seminar or an ongoing interactive training session. Diana offers a keynote, half-day & full-day option. Each program can also be delivered as a webinar.

  • Increasing the Speed of Innovation (AUDIENCE: C-Suite & Leadership Teams)
  • The Expert Trap (AUDIENCE: Everyone/All-Company/Associations)
  • ​​​How to Compete on Value instead of Price in a Commodity Business (AUDIENCE: Sales Teams)​
  • How to Significantly Increase User Adoption of New Initiatives Inside Your Organization (AUDIENCE: Human Resources)​
  • My Entrepreneurial Journey and Valuable Lessons Learned
​​​​​​* PROGRAMS OFFERED: Keynote: 45-90 minutes | Workshop: 2-4 hours | Training: 1-2 days | Consulting: custom
Virtual Keynotes, Workshops & Training available​

Increasing the Speed of Innovation
AUDIENCE: C-Suite & Leadership Teams)
DESCRIPTION: The pace of change in today’s economy requires innovative, value-adding ideas to come from all parts of your organization - whether they are internal improvements or new sources of revenue. The way managers were traditionally trained stifles innovation and forces out-of-the-box thinkers out of the company. This interactive presentation outlines the must-have skill sets to effectively lead your employees. Diana will provide the framework for how your organization – and the people within it – can flourish in this hyper-competitive world.
ROI & Key Outcomes:
• Learn new skill sets required of the innovative leader
• Avoid common pitfalls of innovative leadership
• Create an internal culture of innovation so that every employee is a resource to the effort


The Expert Trap
AUDIENCE: Everyone/All-Company/Associations
DESCRIPTION: Everyone in an organization can innovate and create more value, but their “expertise” is getting in the way. This talk will demonstrate why the more success we experience, the bigger the threat of falling into one of the three expert traps: over-confidence, self-delusion, and fear of failure. Diana will demonstrate how these traps impact our ability to create value for our company on a daily basis and teach attendees a simple practice to increase self-awareness and innovation at every level of the organization.
ROI & Key Outcomes:
• Understand the impact overconfidence, self-delusion, and fear of failure have on your everyday tasks.
• Learn how to request and receive actionable feedback
• Learn a practice to significantly improve “the way you’ve always done it”
• Create internal practices to encourage growth and innovation.


How to Compete on Value instead of Price in a Commodity Business
DESCRIPTION: Are you competing on price or value with your customers? If your focus is on value, (which it should be) are you consistently measuring for success? Do you have the data to prove your value proposition is actually creating value for the customer? This presentation teaches a methodology used by both entrepreneurs and established organizations to continuously create new value for their customers. You will learn the key questions you’ll need to ask to uncover value-creating opportunities – and exactly how to ask them so you generate deeper insights.
ROI & Key Outcomes:
• Change the way you solicit feedback from customers to make it more actionable
• Learn the key customer questions that will uncover value-creating opportunities
• Shift the way you compete for business


How to Significantly Increase User Adoption of New Initiatives Inside Your Organization
AUDIENCE: Human Resources
Have you had trouble getting everyone in the organization on board with new programs and initiatives? Maybe it’s time to try the methodology entrepreneurs use to virally spread new ideas and achieve exponential adoption. You see, everyone in your organization is not created equal; there are four distinct types of users and each group needs to be communicated with in a unique way. This session will give you both the methodology and tools to increase adoption of every new program you roll out as well as underperforming existing programs.
ROI & Key Outcomes:
• Understand why your current program or initiative isn’t sticking
• Learn how to launch new programs the same way successful entrepreneurs launch new products
• Understand the four distinct types of “users” of programs in your organization and why their differences impact program adoption.


My Entrepreneurial Journey and Valuable Lessons Learned
DESCRIPTION: ​Diana Kander shares her personal journey; from its humble beginnings (escaping the Soviet Union in the middle of the night), to a successful entrepreneurial career, to writing a New York Times best-seller used in over 70 colleges to teach entrepreneurship and innovation, to advising Fortune 1000 companies on creating a culture of innovation and launching new products and services. Diana shares three important lessons in her journey: 1). The power of entrepreneurship and how it can transform lives; 2). The power of mentorship and how it can help you achieve what you never thought possible; and 3). The power of creating real value for others.
ROI & Key Outcomes:
• Learn what’s holding most wantapreneurs back from creating successful companies
• Shift your thinking on what a mentor/mentee relationship should look like, and how it can add the most value to a new company
• Understand what a community can do to foster and grow successful entrepreneurs


DESCRIPTION: Innovation Expert, Diana Kander, created Leap Venturesto help organizations think more entrepreneurially, understand their customers on a deeper level and create a culture of innovation.

Through customizable courses and workshops distilled from Diana's extensive experience working with organizations of all sizes, the Leap Ventures team works closely to plan and implement a personalized innovation-culture building program based on the key principles of customer understanding, innovative thinking, and Diana's innovation building blocks. This proven approach leads to an action-oriented culture that will empower you to develop an unfair competitive advantage.


Innovation Coaching
Innovation Expert, Diana Kander, offers individual or team coaching for those interested in becoming more innovative in their everyday life or those working on launching new products or services.