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skype: amy.9773
Who inspires you? My kids. They are funny, smart, bizarre little versions of my husband and me, and they constantly amaze me.

Most defining moment? Seeing JAWS in the theater when I was three years old. Yes my parents took us, and yes it scarred me for life.

If you could be any type of car which would it be? ‘57 T-bird

Name something you do that makes you unique. I like to paint things. Walls, used furniture, random old items, you name it…a strange little obsession.

What is your favorite television show? Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations and House Hunters International

Favorite board game? Balderdash. Makes me laugh ‘til I cry.

What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend? Watch old movies.

Favorite dessert? Chocolate cake.

What is your favorite drink? Coffee. And wine.

What is your favorite daily thing to do? Read to my kids at bedtime

making remarkable events astandard.
Amy Crocker started out teaching chemistry and biology to some pretty interesting kids. While teaching, she was encouraged by a former colleague and mentor to apply for law school and spent the next three years attending the University of Kansas School of Law, in beautiful Lawrence, Kansas. During her time there, Amy served as Vice-President of Women in Law, clerked for two district court judges and successfully defended a wrongly-imprisoned man on appeal while serving on The Defender Project. She also earned a certificate in International Trade Law and became an expert in Sharia Law by earning the top score in her Islamic Law course. And then she had babies.

Shortly after, a wise man introduced her to FIVE STAR Speakers and Trainers. Amy spent the next six years brokering deals between keynote speakers/celebrities/athletes and clients while enjoying a flexible work schedule. Having the opportunity to work with great clients and speakers with amazing stories and insight was truly serendipitous.

The best nugget from all her past experiences? While it’s great to be proud of careers and accomplishments, what’s more important is building genuine relationships with real people. Amy is excited to share this way of thinking with her new partners at Standard Ovation and the fabulous speakers they represent.

Amy lives in a Kansas City suburb with her husband Mike, son William, daughter Ava, a white German shepherd named Scout and a Havanese named Javier (aka “Javi”). When not working, she enjoys working out, playing volleyball, cooking, traveling and pretending to be an interior designer.
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